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Mindfulness & Feng Shui

Some of you may be wondering what mindfulness has to do with moving around furniture in your house, while some of you may be looking at those funny words in the title and still are trying to figure out how in the hell you pronounce it. First, let's talk about what those two strange looking words are and then may it will make more sense how mindfulness plays a part.

Feng Shui (pronounced Feng Shway) is a practice that empowers you to take back control of your physical and mental environments and create both an inner and outer world where you can live a life of ease and abundance. This ancient practice goes so much deeper than moving things around on a physical level or incorporating interior design into your home. While there are some levels of that to help bring better flow of energy throughout your home, it's honestly all about the intention behind why you're moving those things around or why you're adding something to your home. Without the intention, you don't get the magical results that Feng Shui can bring into your life.

During a consultation, we'll use tools to examine the flow of energy throughout your home and see where things may be stagnant or flowing just a little too fast. Think of it like a road map for what's going on in your life. You'd be amazed at what we can uncover through your floor plan that relates to what you've got going on in life. And there's absolutely nothing to be fearful about! Every problem or issue in your home and life can be supported and remediated through simple adjustments. These adjustments can either be something physical or they could be something that helps you lift and shift your inner world so that you can transform your life from the inside out. No matter the type of adjustment you get, mindfulness and intention are the key to unlocking the magic behind Feng Shui.

Think about it this can spend all day long buying all the things for your home and at the end of the day something still just doesn't feel right. Your outer world looks beautiful, but it did nothing to change how you felt about it. Or you could spend tons of time meditating and creating a sanctuary in your inner world, but when you open your eyes all you see is the same old broken front door, the same pile of clothes you told yourself you'd fold 3 days ago (ok...let's be honest...maybe it was 7 days ago...), and all that inner peace you just worked on goes right out the door the second those eyes cracked open. This is not an OR situation. This is an AND situation. By working on both your inner world with developing and strengthening your mindfulness practice AND creating a beautiful, supportive, functional outer world in your home or office, you take control of your life and finally live the life of your dreams.

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