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Who am I?


Who am I really? Who am I to lead you? Who am I to tell you how to be a fair and effective leader?  Who am I to be your guide to leading others with ease and flow?


All of these are fair questions. All of these questions I’ve gone over in my mind time and time again wondering who am I to lead you? 


I am first and foremost a mother to two of the cutest smartest kids and a wife to a loving and supportive husband (Don't believe me...check them out!👇🏼)



But these very important things weren’t always at the top of my priority list. Not because I didn’t want them to be, but because I felt that if I was going to provide the life I desired for them, I needed to work harder and longer at my corporate job to land the positions that brought the fame and money I was told I needed for happiness and success.


You see, I am the daughter of a CFO. But not just any CFO, a CFO that was the only person in his family to go to college, a CFO who started as an entry level accountant and worked his way up to land his ultimate dream job of being a CFO. He taught me how to be a great leader, how to work hard to reach your goals. He showed me how to stand up for what I believe in and to stand up for what’s right even when that means you aren’t winning any popularity contests. 


I am the daughter of a multi generational line of teachers on my mother’s side. Teaching is in my blood. No matter where I turned as a child someone was always there to show me the hidden lesson behind it. I know how to be a great teacher because I was taught by example from my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, my aunt, my great grandmother…I think you get the point 😉


I used my upbringing and education to advance my career in the only way I knew how - working harder and longer.  This got me where I thought I wanted to be, on the fast track to management. It was when I first landed that “important” job that gave me a taste of the fame and glory that I was searching for that also gave me my first taste of complete burn out.  


I had pushed my way through, ignoring everything my body and intuition was screaming at me. My health started to suffer, my hair was falling out, my weight only knew one direction - up, my stress and anxiety were through the roof, and my ability to focus was downright awful.  Any of this sound familiar? 


I tried different trendy diets, I tried western medicine, I tried, I tried, and I tried. Nothing in my traditional bag of tricks would work. Finallly I leaned back into listening to my intuition and began my search for something that would actually work. I researched like the good student I was and found scientific articles about stress and anxiety causing many of the symptoms I was experiencing. 


I began my healing journey and started to incorporate meditation and yoga into my daily routine. I found EFT Tapping. I took a step back at work. I learned how our home and office environment can impact us and became fascinated.  I decided to further my education and become a certified BTB Feng Shui Consultant.  I hired a wellness coach who took it all to the next level and really got down to the energetics around why I wasn’t able to unpack the weight. 


All the while, continuing to research why the things I was experiencing and the results I was seeing in my life made scientific sense. My logical brain was at war with my intuition. Through my search, I discovered the mind body connection and how our thoughts, emotions, and the words we choose can have a real impact on a cellular and molecular level. I learned that we truly do have a choice in the creation of the reality we live in. 


I began to incorporate all this new knowledge and way of thinking into my work. I used my intuition and meditation breath work techniques to remain calm in order to think through complex problems at work. People at work started asking “how did you stay so calm during that intense meeting?” Things began to flow instead of me having to push through it. 


New opportunities came my way without me pushing to find them and I was given the option to become a manager. At first, I wasn’t sure since I knew I couldn’t go back to how it was before. Instead of jumping at the opportunity and immediately saying yes, I took time to think about it and meditate on it. I realized that it wouldn’t be like it was before because I wasn’t the person I used to be and I had the tools I needed to succeed. 


I brought together my new knowledge along with what I learned from my upbringing and integrated it into my new role. I used Feng Shui to create an environment for my team and myself to thrive.  I held frequent communications and allowed my discussions with my team to be as transparent as possible.  I celebrated our wins. I changed the mindset of my team to be hopeful and positive. 


I did all of this with the tools I knew and ones I learned. I did all of this and you can too. You have the power to change your reality. And I’m here help you along the way and to teach you the tools you need to succeed as a leader in corporate. 


Are you ready to lead with ease?

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🥂Cheers to Leading with Ease!



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