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Operating at peak performance doesn't mean you have to sacrifice everything else in your life to succeed in your career.  Don't believe me?

Trust me, I've totally been there! I thought for years I had to sacrifice my family, my health, and my fun in order to have a successful career I could be proud of.  While this approach worked for a while, it just wasn't sustainable.  I was beyond stressed and had crazy anxiety that I was trying to manage with medication alone.  I knew there had to be a better way.  

I started incorporating meditation, yoga, and Feng Shui practices into my daily life for stress and anxiety management.  The shifts that happened in my life were nothing short of amazing!  I was able to excel in my career as a chemical engineer, be at the level of performance I always knew I was capable of, and juggle being a mom to two adorable littles but the best part was that it took so much less effort! 


These results are what drove me to create this company.  As a certified Feng Shui consultant and intuitive meditation coach, my goal is to help you experience the unbelievable results I had, but without the long journey it took me to get there.  

I want to work with you to holistically manage your stress and anxiety so you can operate at your peak performance and reach your highest potential.  

Are you ready? Join me!

Most people are pretty familiar with meditation, but I'm sure some of you may be wondering how Feng Shui fits into lowering your stress & anxiety or maybe you're wonder what in the world are those crazy words?!

Don't panic! It's really pretty simple...

Feng Shui (pronounced 'fung shway') is a practice that creates an environment where you can feel safe and set yourself up for success by making small simple changes.  When you feel safe, your mind sends the signal to your body that it's ok to relax and that's when the magic happens!

You may be thinking, "But I feel safe in my office and my house. 

Why would that be what's making me stressed?

Ok so let's get into the science behind this because we all know I'm all about the science...


I mean hello nerd engineer here! 

So let's talk about your office for a second.

Suppose your desk was positioned in a way that your back faced the door when you were sitting at your computer and EVERY time someone walked into your office you were completely startled by their arrival.  

Each time you get spooked by someone sneaking up on you, your body has a chain of reactions happening that caused you to jump and feel scared.

So what exactly happened here...in those few seconds, your brain registered that there was danger or a threat via your hypothalamus, which sent a signal to your amygdala, which then told your adrenal glands to produce cortisol. 

Fewf...that's a lot happening in a few seconds, but why is all that important?

Cortisol is what makes your body feel stressed and the more of that hormone your body releases, the more stressed you feel.

In Feng Shui, this is a concept known as not being in the command position.  It goes way way back to the beginning of humanity where our body would respond to situations we perceived as a danger by releasing hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, etc. to get us into this "fight or flight" mode so that we could survive as a species.

This chain of reactions is still present in our bodies today and only adds to our normal day to day stress that we're consciously aware of like the stress of deadlines and taking care of our families.

So if you have your desk not in the commanding position, do yourself a favor and TURN IT AROUND! If you can't turn it around, place a mirror on your desk so you can see the door! 

Your desk is just a very small example in how Feng Shui can help you lower your stress & anxiety levels.  Want to find out what else in your office or home is causing your stress & anxiety levels to go up?

Book a Feng Shui consultation with me!

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